“Cloning Factory”
Work description

The work is formed by a set of 20 digital images that were conceived and composed to be able to be seen, both in individual form and in his totality, as if it was only one continue and circular image.


In effect, every image is numbered from 1 to 20 and it is perfectly joinable with the following one and with the previous one, without being able to detect where the line of union is. 

Every individual image, in turn, is formed by an assembly of several photos, taken in different occasions and places, and assembled with the program Photoshop CS.


For its achievement, it was necessary to bear much in mind the perspectives, the shades, the reflexes, the direction of the light, the size of the objects as their places in the different planes, the luminosity, the contrast, the domineering of one color, and other details more, not only in every individual image, but also in the final joint image.


Therefore it was necessary, as every photo-assembly was realized, to stitch also the different individual works to appreciate them as only one image, which often forced to re-do or to modify already completed photo-assemblies so that they were adapting themselves to the final set.

To form some of the images, a few works done previously were used, which had been already presented and awarded in international contests. But they have been adapted for the theme of this portfolio.


This does that the quantity of layers, and photographed objects necessary for the final achievement, is much major than those who appear in the statistical information that you can see at the end of this text.

Every individual work has its own perspective and depth, but on having been assembled by the images of the sides, the perspective and the sensation of depth increases moreover.


Statistical information:

Individual works: 20
Size of every individual work: 30 x 40 cm. at 315 dpi
Weight of every individual work: 52,8 Mb.

Pixels of every work: 18,4 Megapíxels
Average of layers for individual work: 27
Entire size of the set (without extending): 12,60 meters long per 42 cm high
Entire weight: 938 Mb
Entire pixels: 328.000.000
Quantity of entire layers: 542
Quantity of photographic single captures: 137
Time of making: 4 months