ANAGLYPHS - Panama Canal 


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To be able to appreciate the three-dimensional effect, it is necessary to observe the images with glasses of red (for the left eye) and blue colors (for the right eye). If you don't have such kind of glasses, but you do have two photography filters, the blue and red different ones, you can use them in front of every corresponding eye and you will obtain the same effect of depth. The anaglyphs were digitally obtained with the Photoshop, from a few old stereoscopic photos on glass, which Marcelo Berlingieri, the father of Nicolás, took a lot of time ago.




Nicolás during a lecture
in the Foto Club Buenos Aires,
explaining how they were
digitally realized the anaglyphs,
and how it works in general
the stereoscopic photography.



N. Berlingieri showing an anaglyph at Foto Club Buenos Aires



The original picture was taken in 1930
by Marcelo Berlingieri,
during the Panama Canal crossing,
on board of the "Colombo" ship and
passing by the "Salvador" one.